Tormented  — Horror Miller

No I’m not talking about the 2009 film or the 1960 film.I’m talking about the 2015 movie.I first seen this movie last year when I got it from Walmart really cheap. It’s about a bullied teen who babysit this family who lives away from the city. A kid comes knocking on the door late at […]

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House of the Gorgon – USA, 2018 — HORRORPEDIA

House of the Gorgon is a forthcoming 2018 American horror film written, produced and directed by Joshua Kennedy (The Night of Medusa; Dracula A.D. 2015). It stars Caroline Munro, Martine Beswicke, Veronica Carlson, Christopher Neame, and Georgina Dugdale. The poster above was designed by Graham Humphreys. The Gooey Film production has launched an Indiegogo campaign to […]

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Top 5 Best Christmas Horror Films of All-Time — The Game of Nerds

Christmas and horror are something most people don’t associate together. But spooky goings-on and the cheerful holiday season can be an absolute delight. If you’re looking for a little blood on the snow, here are the 5 best Christmas horror films of all-time. 5) Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) This 1984 exploitation classic caused quite […]

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Timeline for Jeepers Creepers 3

After 14 years, jeepers creepers 3 which has had a lot of complaints, because it picks up from part 1 and Part 2. The booby trapped vehicle remained exactly the same as before. A battle between a young man with a machete leaves the creeper without a hand, and later authorities return back to claim the severed hand to learn of its origin. What I have learned of this movie is it sounds somewhat disappointing; however it is quite action-packed with new twists, turns. A possible Jeepers Creepers 4 could be in the future.


Artwork Batch #2 – December 2017 — Blood Red Velvet

The last art post before the end of 2017, and we’ve only just gotten started! Come visit the remodeled gallery. These are the new pieces, also available on my Deviantart page. “Halo of Samael” “Childish Desires” “Plasmata” “Dandelion in Bitter Breeze” “Midnight Showing – Live Twin Corpses” “Gutsplicer Country” “Sweet Saccharide” “Reap of Goblin Harvest”

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